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Martin Clay - قراءة المزيد لهذا المؤلف

When we look at our world and observe how people relate to one another, in our view people seem to be becoming more and more narrow and individualistic in their world view. This causes both the individual and the group of people he identifies with, to become more self-centered in thinking and actions.

As a result, this person is often less open to those outside his/her own reference group. He or she thus loses the enriching influence that others could have upon them, in terms of dialogue, cooperation, complementing the other, and for the evolution of civilization and development. We believe that this view is temporary, and is not the real picture of the human being who is originally sociable rather than individualistic.

We have become like this due for political reasons and circumstances. In reality the world is more diverse, and comes to life as a result of the diversity and variety of individuals who actually complete each other.

This is why we want to build relationships between all kinds of people whatever their differences in religion, thinking, culture, politics or ethnic background.

*Diversity is natural
*Diversity is the will of God
*Although diversity is a natural thing, it is also important to be unified and therefore we must find ways to create unity within diversity.
*We cannot expect unity to exist without dialogue, knowing each other, coming near to “the other”, respecting our differences

We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to search for what we have in common and through it, to gain knowledge and understanding of others, of their thoughts and way of life. This way, the more we come to know “the other”, the more we can appreciate his way of thinking and behaving.

Diversity is a source of great beauty and enrichment. We have a desire to overcome what is separating us, to shorten the distance between individuals and groups of people, to reach out to the other even over walls or barriers. We hope to reach the other through a new website we would like to create, a site on which we can interact with all kinds of people regardless of their age, language, cultural, religious, political, or ethnic background

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