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by Ed Beavan - قراءة المزيد لهذا المؤلف

المباراة الودية التي جرت في برلين بين رجال الدين المسيحي ورجال الدين الاسلامي الالمان، وقد حضرها ايضا الامير تشارلز الذي حضر من بريطانيا خصيصا لحضور المباراة وتقديم كأس والميدليات.

THE SPOILS were shared in an interfaith football match between clergy and imams in Berlin last week.
The game, the fourth of its kind, was organised by the Anglican Chaplain of St George’s, Berlin, the Revd Christopher Jage-Bowler, and ended in a 0-0 draw. The result was none the less an improvement for the clergy team, made up mainly of Lutheran pastors, but with a Syrian Orthodox priest, and a Free Church minister. Last year they were beaten 6-4 by the imams.
The Prince of Wales was in the 700-strong crowd for the game, played in the Kreuzberg district of the city, and presented the cup after¬wards. The Islamic team was made up of Muslim leaders from Berlin’s large Turkish and north African commun¬ities.
Mr Jage-Bowler said that he was inspired to set up the match after reading about a similar event in the Church Times a few years ago in the diocese of Leicester.
“It just seemed like a great idea to bring people together, and the Germans are very into football. The aim is to get clergy and imams to meet each other and try to reduce some of the prejudices that exist, to develop relationships, and get a trustful dialogue going.”
Next month he has organised a retreat for clergy and imams where they will be able to “build up trust and discuss community problems in an atmosphere of trust”.
Swedish interfaith challenge. The diocese of Leicester, which pioneered interfaith football in 2005, is to go a step further next month with an international match featuring a Scandinavian team. On 16 June, a team of clergy, imams, and Hindu leaders from Leicester will take on an interfaith team from Gothenburg in Sweden. The Gothenburg team will include the city’s chief of police, the deputy mayor, and a number of faith leaders.
Two interfaith cricket matches will also take place in the summer: a team made up of Leicester imams and clergy will play counterparts from Luton and Bedford on 18 July; and clergy from the diocese of Leicester will play the city’s imams at Loughborough University on 26 September.

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